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Hong Kong Umbrella Community Launching Ceremony

Aiming to united and strengthen Hong Kongers community, the HKUC announced its launch.

Hong Kong Umbrella Community Launching Ceremony

The Hong Kong Umbrella Community was officially launched and shared their new plans in the Central Hall Westminster, London on last friday (26/11/2021). The organisation was formed by a number of people with extensive civil society experience in Hong Kong. The board of directors includes Nathan Law, former HK Legislative Council member, Ka Leung Ng, director and producer of the award winning film "Ten Years", Fermi Wong, founder of Hong Kong Unison, and Winston Marshall, British musician.

The Community hopes to become a platform to connect Hong Kongers in Britain, and strengthen the Hong Kongers’ community in the UK. In addition to keeping the Hong Kongers’ culture and identity, the Community hopes to bridge Hong Kongers with the local British communities, and facilitate exchanges and mutual understanding.

At present, HKUC is planning to actively carry out a number of project ideas, including the establishment of a community fund to support activities organized by Hong Kong people, the development of Cantonese and Hong Kong cultural teaching materials, presenting the human library of Hong Kong stories and organizing the Hong Kong Film Festival. In the next 3-5 years, HKUC hopes to establish a Hong Kong community centre.

We sincerely thank the present and support from representatives of Hong Konger’s organisations in the UK and people from different sectors of the local community. By upholding similar values, we believe that Hong Kong people will be able to unite and support each other, and contribute to whatever we can in different aspects.

Details of the plans will be announced later.

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